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There are a couple ways into Monache Meadows.  The pictures seen in the photo gallery gives you a chronological trip beginning at the Black Rock Ranger Station.  You can travel over from Lake Isabella via the Sherman Mountain pass to Black Rock Ranger Station or come in from the east side up 395, the Nine Mile Road, Kennedy Meadows and to the Ranger Station.  Be sure to stop in and get your Campfire Permit.  You will need it here in the Golden Trout Wilderness Area.

Go north from here about 3 miles and take the Monache Jeep Road turnoff to your right.  This will be paved for a while.  Soon you come to a gate.  Be sure to close it securely behind you.  Shortly there after you'll arrive at a couple large areas for horse trailers, motor homes and trailers of all sizes.  Make your turn down the mountain to your left.  Here is some fun stuff, especially during the wet season or after a rain.  If you find yourself having difficulty here, then go no further.  There is only one steep section of the trail.  Here's a small video clip of the hill.  Follow this out all the way to where you can see Monache Peak on your left and the meadow lies before you.  Many established campsites near here.  But there are nicer ones to come.  As you approach the South Fork of the Kern, be sure to stay left bypassing the river crossing to the right.  Follow this road all the way out to Bake Oven.  Just before you drive up into this dry desolate area you will see a trail off to your right heading up into the trees.  These are the river campsites.  Take this north as far as you can go.  Pay close attention to all the different campgrounds here as you navigate northward.  Our favorite is the last couple areas on the right.  These will be the very last ones after you cross the river.  There is an outside toilet here too.  Enjoy.  Be sure to go 'in' week.  Some of the groups that come in during the weekend are unrefined, noisy, slobs, inconsiderate of others, annoying and need severe training in camping etiquette and did I say LOUD.  After you have set up camp take the mile or so walk up to the dam.  Also use your campsite as a staging area.  Go to Sherman Peak, do the Sherman Jeep trail, hike for miles, explore the local area or be adventurous and hike to the hot springs about 9 miles north.

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