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Santiago Canyon, sometimes called Santiago's Revenge, was one of the most exciting off road trails in the southern California area.  Prized for being the mini Rubicon of the south and a staging area for many 4 wheel drive clubs throughout the state.  Depending on the time of year this, 3 miles of almost non stop rock crawling, will take on average about 6 hours to complete.  We used to do it in less time, however, we used to do the trail 3 or 4 times a year and were very familiar with the trail.  Of course, many times we would bring along stock vehicles for a run and it would take considerably longer.  The trail was accessible from both the Littlerock Dam and Kentucky Canyon.  What use to be free access to this area eventually became restricted.  Towards the end of its demise we had to call ahead and get permission.  They would intern give you a special combination for the lock(s).  And then of course total shutdown.  Here are some pictures of this remarkable trail and how beautiful the scenery was.

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