Death Valley

The Cultivation of Life's Felicities

So Others May Share in its Euphoria

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Rich with an abundance of raw minerals of gold, platinum, silver, copper, gems and natural history, Death Valley is as diverse as the planet itself.  Most of the areas we will talk about are not well known and for good reason.  It's really difficult to share these experiences with others just to discover that some people are very destructive, slobs and just uncaring for our natural environment.  So I will continue to plea with all those that venture off into the wilderness.  Please do not destroy, vandalize or leave your trash behind.  Be kind and gentle to these fragile places.

Many individuals are aware of the Surprise Canyon shut-down.  It was one of the most difficult trails to navigate up to Panamint City and is a good example of how easy it is for activists to close our off road trails.  So let's take care of one another and our favorite getaways.  Keep 4 wheeling etiquette in mind when traveling through these areas.

The areas that I will be talking about and showing you are Butte Valley, the Panamints, Saline Valley and areas in between.

We frequent these areas in November, December, January and February because of the desert climate.  If you have ever been here in the dead of summer, you'll know why, it's blistering.


Also if you happened to see John, Denise and Bumper during your travels be sure to say hello.  Here are some pictures of some desert cabins and other structures provided by the J, D & B gang.


Death Valley 11/2005.  It was very hard to take pictures and video while guiding Dave so it is only bits and pieces.  South Park video and Goler Wash video.  The stock Nissan took much of the day to get out.


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