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 3 Way Hummer Drivers Training 1

 More and more these days the dealers are getting involved with the public on how their vehicles operate and how to safely use them 'off road'.  One such organization are the various Hummer dealers throughout the southland.  In order to facilitate such an event one needs an obstacle course with varying levels of difficulty.  Where can you fine such a course one might ask... In Gorman.  Here in the Hungry Valley Off Road Park is one such  place.  Very well organized, the event starts out with a vehicle orientation of how it operates, the various buttons and controls to use and to pay close attention to "spotters" while on the course.  Then the crowd is broken up into various groups.  First it's over to the 'frame twister', then the 'side hill' crawl, over to the ditch 'cross over' and then the concrete 'up hill' obstacle trail.  In this particular event there were 20 vehicles.  H1's and H2's.  Of course we can't forget the outstanding food service provided too.  One thing you must remember.  Although the pictures may seem tame to many of us, these individuals had, for the most part, never been off road.  Once the orientation was over and everyone felt more comfortable using 'the' lessons learned, then a trail ride through Hungry Valley soon ensued.

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Friday, January 02, 2015

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